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Greeting Cards
Set of 12 - $29.95

These elegant cards are designed to be suitable for framing as well as a wonderful way to express your sentiments to the people you care about.  They are sold as a 12-card set only (one card for each month of the year).


Hannah Clarke Preston Macgoun was the youngest daughter of Rev. R.W. Macgoun, M.A., of Morningside Parish Church , Edinburgh . Her work appeared at the Exhibitions of the Royal Scottish Academy , the Society of Scottish Artists, and the Royal Society of Painters in Water Colours, to which she was elected a member in 1903. “Do you know I have never heard the lark sing,” she once told a friend, in uncharacteristic reference to “the gift of hearing which had been almost wholly denied to her.”

“Fiona Macleod” was a pen name of William Sharp, novelist and critic. He attended Glasgow Academy and the University from 1866 to 1874, then worked in a lawyer's office before going abroad for health reasons. He wrote many mystical novels and Celtic tales under the name Fiona Macleod, a secret which was kept until after his death in Sicily in 1905.

January greeting card image
January greeting card poem image
February greeting card image
February greeting card poem image
March greeting card image
March greeting card poem image
April greeting card image
April greeting card poem image
May greeting card image
May greeting card poem image
June greeting card image
June greeting card poem image
July greeting card image
July greeting card poem image
August greeting card image
August greeting card poem image
September greeting card image
September greeting card poem image
October greeting card image
October greeting card poem image
November greeting card image
November greeting card poem image
December greeting card image
December greeting card poem image



Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. For international orders, please e-mail us at

For international orders, please e-mail us at


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