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The Bitch, the Crone, and the Harlot each carry and express very distinct energies that allow them to show up in the world with extraordinary power, wisdom, and sensuality. Those energies are also present in various stones which throughout time have represented each of those sacred properties.

To assist you in finding and expressing your own Bitch, Crone, and Harlot we have designed jewelry using stones that evoke and convey your inner power, wisdom, and sensuality. Each piece symbolizes one of the three archetypes and the unique elements that characterize her, and each stone will bring forth in you the quality that will serve you best in any situation.

Each of the pieces holds stones with healing and spiritual properties, and all but one are accented with silver. Silver is the archetypal feminine energy, the mystery of the divine feminine. It is the metal of the goddess and harmonizes with most gemstones. Silver encourages inward reflection and is a mirror to the soul. The remaining piece is complimented with gold-fill. Gold allows one to joyfully interact as it carries the energy of the sun, stimulating one's will to grow beyond one's often self-imposed limitations.

As you look at and read about each piece, ask yourself “How do I want to express myself in the various aspects of my life? Which quality do I most want to develop - power, wisdom, or sensuality? Which will best assist me to be most complete, most authentic, and most effective as I move through the world? Which am I already strong in and eager to demonstrate in new and deeper ways, and which do I need to strengthen in myself in order to be fully present in my life?”

Many of the following descriptions have been taken from The Book of Stones, Who They Are and What They Teach by Robert Simmons and Naisha Absian. All jewelry designed by Franki, founder of Out Of My Hands Designs.

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Each piece is hand made with great attention to detail and the intention to honor both the individual wearing it and the Divine.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. For international orders, please e-mail us at

For international orders, please e-mail us at


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